Friday, July 29, 2011

Peggy Noonan: "Obama is a Loser"

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I wrote "So much Promise, No Leadership" on August 18, 2009. It's has taken the national media and Congressional Democrats over 23 months to catch up to Bin Quick (a Cheetos eating bum living is his mom's Alabama basement (inside joke)). As I write this blog, the Loser-in-Chief is begging Americans to call their congressmen again. WTF? If Barack Obama had some political power, he would be dangerous.

So much Promise, No Leadership

How can someone so smart with so much promise behave so weak? Every liberal in American knew months ago that Republicans would not support President Obama's Health Care Reform(HCR). Democrats knew we would lose several Conservative Democratic Senators, but we hoped President Obama could hold the Senate with 2 or 3 Republicans. Unfortunately, I believe the same traits (hope, calm, smart, flexible, reasonable) that got Obama elected are preventing Obama from behaving rationally. Hoping for a new bipartisan tone in Washington is admirable but irrational hope is borderline psychotic. Excessive flexibility is spinelessness, over analyzing can paralyze, and emotional detachment is unhealthy. We don't want a rigid, stupid, volatile leader that talks to God; although, George W. Bush (dumb, rigid, stupid, corrupt) was able to pass tax cuts for the rich, start an unnecessary war, delivery prescription drugs to the elderly, double the national debt, and destroy the economy. For all his faults, Bush was a leader albeit in the wrong direction. For the first time, I am worried President Obama doesn't have the necessary personal leadership characteristics: loyalty, vision, determination, and strength. Obama's intellectual logical strategic leadership style is undermining his presidency. He refuses to use his considerable power to coerce, he refuses to state a clear vision, he isn't loyal to his supporters, and he refuses to except reality. President Obama, the country, the congress, and the Democrats need your leadership.

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