Friday, August 26, 2011

Contradiction, fire Jim Hoffa now!

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Disappointed Democrats that complain about Obama's compromises and conservative policies and then claim they still support the President are destined for more disappointments. Most of these people will vote for Obama and Democrats in 2012. They are politically irrelevant. The political class basically ignores their complaints or gives them lip service while they continue to triangulate Independents. The same for Labor leaders that complain about Obama's performance on one hand, then pledge Obama support on the other hand. They are irrelevant to the political debate.

Labor leaders are pretending to fight for there union members while they secretly sign-off on Free Trade Treaties that have gutted and are gutting union membership. It's an absolute disgrace. Hoffa wants Obama to fight harder for Democratic Party and Labor values, I challenge Hoffa and other Labor leaders to fight the Democratic Party harder or abandon the it. Could you imagine the White House's response if the Teamsters threatened to support a Democratic challenger or a third party candidate? I'll bet Obama would find that comfortable pair of walking shoes damned quick.

Obama translates these complaints into the Democratic base is in his back pocket. He can cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. He can continue useless wars and extend the Patriot Act. He can cut taxes for rich campaign donors while ignoring the long term unemployed. As long as they support Obama personally, he can continue to compromise, cut, and undermine Democratic programs and core values to attract Independent voters, corporate campaign donors, and Moderates.

The only voting group Obama cares about are Independents and those that may vote Republican. They will decide the 2012 election. Obama only needs to convince Labor, Progressives, and Democrats to come to the polls in sufficient numbers. He will spend the next 15 months railing against the Mitt Romney, Rick Perry et al. By November 2012, the Republican nominee will be Bull Connor, George Bush, and Joseph Stalin incarnate, and Obama will be the second coming of Franklin Roosevelt to some and Ronald Reagan to others.

There is the contradiction, the people that support Obama the most will be ignored because they can't/won't vote for his opponent while the people that may vote Republican are catered to. The fact that Democrats can't/won't vote Republican is the reason their policy goal will never be addressed. Combine that phenomenon with most campaign donations come from wealthy corporate motivated donors, the average blue collar middle class American shouldn't expect anything different. Americans should prepare for more unemployment, more Wall Street bailouts, and more government-corporate corruption. As long as Progressives accept political incompetence and limit our political choices, we get and deserve the government Corporate America and the wealthy buys.

BTW, fire Richard Trumka also.


  1. You're right about the election. Both parties (and the media) are going to have the idiotic American electorate at a fever pitch. Hate to say it, but there will probably be violence. Nothing too serious, but there will definitely be "skirmishes". Why do you think they're always talking about "toning down the rhetoric" and not appearing at town halls? This is a failure of both parties and they're going to blame it on each other: watch.

  2. I suspect we'll spend the next 15 months arguing about how to create jobs while we lose more jobs.